Bot development

What they can do chat bots?

Anwser the questions

Using prepared answers to frequently asked questions will help save your time and money

Accept applications

An excellent channel for promoting your services or products. Telegram is the "habitat" of your potential customers


Automation of routine processes is a key sign of a successful business. Make money more enjoyable than ever

The cost bot


Let's create and configure a bot on the telegram server

We will create and configure your bot on the telegram server, add your name and your logo to the bot.


We will develop and install a system for processing requests from the bot

We will develop the necessary functionality for your bot for your tasks.


Suggest ideas

If during the development process we come up with something better for your tasks, we will offer it to you. Also in the future we can offer you to improve your bot.


Product support

After launching the bot, we provide support for it and solve the problems that have arisen. Also, if you need additional functionality, we are ready to implement it.


$200 per bot
  • *Access to the list of requests
  • *Control system
* if the bot functionality has such an opportunity
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