• About CRIDEX
The CRiDEX software complex began to be developed in 2005, over the entire time the system has undergone many improvements and improvements. Initially, the system was used to implement content management systems, but over time it has grown to a universal system on the basis of which a variety of Internet and intranet products and services can be developed, such as
The project is built on the basis of the popular Laravel framework

The main advantages of which
  • High security (Protection against SQL injection, XSS, CSRF attacks)
  • Increased productivity. Caching
  • Authentication
  • Open source and large community
  • Blade template
  • Database migrations
  • MVC architecture
  • Object Oriented Libraries
  • Unit tests
  • Promising applications
  • Friendly code
  • Multilingual
  • Integration with mail services
  • Errors and exceptions
  • Deferred task system
  • Running tasks on a schedule
  • Development speed
  • and much more
CRiDEX requires a Unix or Windows server with any web server with the correct PHP 7.4 or higher support.